„Discourses of Culture – Cultures of Discourse“ – Day 2

Univerzitetska biblioteka "Svetozar Marković"
Datum i vreme:
20.3.2015. u 9:00h

A topic of controversial debate today, “discourse & culture” points to fundamental questions in contemporary society such as the role of mass media in the construction and transformation of reality, the interrelationships between high and mass culture, or the interpellations of subjects in their communities. Discourse is seen as a set of enacted processes that establish, protect, or change conventions and thus reassemble the wide area of both the material and immaterial environment. Therefore, the question of how discourse affects culture through a long chain of mediated actions and reactions stands at the focal point of many discourse researchers. The main aim of the DN15 conference was to open an interdisciplinary dialogue concerning discourse and culture.

The working language was English, all contributions were recorded (with the consent of the presenters), and a publication is planned.

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